I’ve been wanting to laser engrave a belt. Although lasered leather can be stinky, it usually turns out beautiful! I measured an existing belt that I owned to get an idea of the length I would need. I estimated that I would need to have the belt be at least 38" and about 1.5" tall. Conveniently, I found leather strips pre cut online! I considered recycling a circuit board, embedding it in resin, making a wild belt buckle, but I wanted this belt to be a practical, everyday wear kind of belt. …

This is a little tutorial on how to create your own programmable, neopixel LED necklace! Adafruit has a great guide to neopixels, if you want to learn more about them. I used these neopixels from Amazon, they have little pads on the back of them to solder to.

You will need a soldering iron, solder, a measuring tape, wire cutters, and very thin, flexible, SOLID core wire, not stranded! The thinner gauge of wire you can find the better. First, I decided on a microcontroller to control my neopixels. I chose an Adafruit Gemma, for it’s small size and…

Find your inspiration! This is Francois Kittenpaw, my soft, fine boi. My pet muse! If you want to create a scarf inspired by an animal you aren’t familiar with, look at a few pictures online to decide what characteristics your silly scarf will have.

I started on the head first. I drew a simple outline shape that wasn’t too big or too small, just enough to put a little stuffing inside. I planned, cut out, and placed the fleece details of Francois face I wanted to include.

Step up your sewing skills by making something neat and functional! This project should only take an hour or sew to complete if your fabric is already embroidered. If you want to learn how I made my embroidered design, please see my article on how to create an awesome embroidery file.

In this tutorial I hope to share how I made my new name tag, so others may learn and try it themselves! First off, I work at a Fab Lab, so I have many tools and software available for making. The software I used for my name tag are free to download; EAGLE by Autodesk, Inkscape, EASEL by Inventables, and Arduino. I used a Shapeoko CNC machine to mill my traces onto a thin PCB board. Hopefully you have access to a milling machine, if not you may have to try out a different method, like chemical etching. …

Pusheen Cat-created by Clare Belton

I have been using SewArt to digitize my images for embroidering. I like SewArt, it is easy to use and affordable ($75) software. The fab lab I work at purchased some expensive embroidery software called PE Design 10, retails for $700. This little blurb is my best attempt at comparing the two different digitizing softwares. I am biased as I’ve made some beautiful patches using SewArt and I know how to use it. I will be following a quick start guide created by a fellow lab member to learn how to digitize using PE Design 10.

The first big difference…

This is to help anyone use the CUC Fab Lab’s shapeoko milling machine for single sided milling. My end result is a wooden button that I designed using Tinkercad’s free 3D design software. I designed it to be simple, small, and quick to demonstrate the process.

Making silicone molds and candles is easy! I started off with a 3D print of a 3" cactus from thingiverse.com. You can use lots of items to make a mold, I recommend using something small and simple for your first attempt.

Recently I’ve moved into a house with a large empty living room. Having just moved across the country with only the items I could fit in my little car, I didn’t have a lot to fill it with. I’m a thrifty person, not the type to spend money on brand new furniture. I would much rather find things cheaply and second hand. My husband and I are entertaining the idea of building a tiny house some day, so we’ve been stocking up on tools and projects to gain some carpentry skills. …

I’ve always been attracted to dresses. As I child I would cut and tape tissues to create custom pieces for my barbie dolls, adding “prints” with markers and pens. When I graduated to fabric and a sewing machine, my passion grew even more! My mother taught me how to use a machine, but figuring out vintage patterns was a whole new challenge.

Jessica Hogan

I like making things. A lot.

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